UPDATE: Thank you so much – You funded the project!

All LAUSD families will soon be receiving a $15 gift card and I have just the place to spend it: On my recently created Project Page. The greatest thing about this unusual program is that the Wasserman Foundation will be matching donations; this is a rare opportunity to make some overdue capital investments in my classroom.

If you’re curious what I am asking for in my DonorsChoose Project Request:

For about ten years I’ve been using this live feed/video camera/television setup to do drawing demonstrations. It’s a great way to illustrate techniques and processes to the kids in a dynamic way; sometimes the best way to learn something is to just watch someone doing it.

So what’s the problem with this setup? It works rather well except for one small problem… a very small problem:

Can you spot the 25″ CRT Television in this picture? For students in the back of the classroom, these demonstrations are a bit lacking, to say the least.

One solution would be to connect my video camera up to my LCD projector instead of the television but when I tried that it proved less than satisfactory. Setting up lighting for my demo area was cumbersome and having the students follow along with their drawings in the dark just did not work; these types of demonstrations work best in a brightly lit room.

So if you would like to donate to the purchase of a 46″ Television, click on over to my Project Page and find a home for that $15 gift card.