Apps for Animation

In class today we talked about different apps you can use to shoot your animation. For those of you with a camera equipped iOS Device (iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad), iMotion HD and Frameographer are some nice options.


Frameographer is a pretty slick piece of work made by the guys at Studio Neat. The app is fairly solid and looks good to; the UI (User Interface) is nicely done and performs well. I haven’t used it as much as iMotion HD, but I’ll have to try it out some on the long weekend.

iMotion HD

I demonstrated iMotion HD in class today. It’s not as pretty as Frameographer but it performs just as well and I actually like how playback automatically loops the footage for you. It’s obvious that both of these apps were made by thoughtful developers and both apps have received numerous updates and bug fixes since they were first released; it’s always nice to see programmers maintaining their software.

Don’t forget to check out my Animation Resources page under the Students & Families tab at the top of this page: I have the links to these two apps as well as the one Android app I’ve investigated: Stopmotion. I don’t have an Android device to test that one out – maybe one of you can try it out and tell us how it works.

Next week I’ll take pictures of our cardboard animation stand (or box o’ image capture) and list the measurements – I’ve had several requests for details from students that would like to make their own at home.

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