Cartooning & Animation: Plans for October


October is going to be a busy month in Cartooning & Animation (and General Art – more on that in a later post) and I thought I would put together a little update on our plans. Count on the Spore Animation Project wrapping up in the coming weeks and a non-animation project to take its place around the middle of the month.

Progress Check: October 1st – 3rd

Make sure to have your animation with you from October 1st through the 3rd. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I’ll be coming around to take a look at your progress to record part of your grade for the upcoming report card. How far along should you be? I’d say that you should be roughly half way through the inking phase of the work.

Wrapping up the Spore Animation Project

As we have learned, animation is a labor & time intensive art form. We have essentially been working on this project since the start of the school year (that’s counting about two + weeks for preproduction sketching). The week of October 8th will be the last full week that we work exclusively on the Spore Project. By the end of that week all students should be done working on the project in class. Keep in mind – having your animation complete is different than having your animation shot – the due date for having your animation shot will be farther into the future (most likely a date in November). 

Silent Film

We will continue looking at animation from the 1920s throughout the first two weeks of October. However, on October 4th & 5th, we will take a break from the history of animation to watch a live action film: Charlie Chaplin’s 1925 classic, The Gold Rush. You will not need to bring your animation to class on these days.

Creatures of the Forest Project

Coming up next: An illustration/conceptual project involving forests and the mysterious creatures we love to imagine residing there. I’ve set up a Project Portal here if you want to check out resources I’ve been organizing in preparation for our mid-October start date. Lots of moving parts and components on this project – stay tuned.