Repost: Apps for Animation Image Capture


Disney Camera Operator Bill Cottrell shoots a Mickey Mouse cartoon at the Hyperion Studio in 1930. Image: Hans Perk, A.Film.L.A

This is a repost of information on animation apps from last year. iMotion HD quickly became the most popular app for iOS devices last year, and Stopmotion proved to be the preferred app for Android devices .

In class today we talked about different apps you can use to shoot your animation. For those of you with a camera equipped iOS Device (iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad), iMotion HD and Frameographer are some nice options.


Frameographer is a pretty slick piece of work made by the guys at Studio Neat. The app is fairly solid and looks good to; the UI (User Interface) is nicely done and performs well. I haven’t used it as much as iMotion HD, but I’ll have to try it out some on the long weekend.

iMotion HD

I demonstrated iMotion HD in class today. It’s not as pretty as Frameographer but it performs just as well and I actually like how playback automatically loops the footage for you. It’s obvious that both of these apps were made by thoughtful developers and both apps have received numerous updates and bug fixes since they were first released.

Android Apps: Last year, students with android phones reported that Stopmotion, available in free and paid versions on Google Play, worked very nicely for animation image capture.