Character Design: Example Set # 1


Before the winter break we had spent quite a while working on our cartoon figure studies; now that we’re back we can begin to move deeper into the art of character design. For the next few weeks we’re going to fill page upon page with scribbles, sketches, and finished drawings all with one goal: to find memorable characters. Through frequent sketching (the best type of artistic exercise), artists let their minds wander and test out new ideas . Over time, bits and pieces of these various ideas can begin to coalesce into an idea worth nurturing. That will be our goal through January and into February.

As we’ve talked about in class, ideas and inspiration can come from any source; the books you read, the movies or videos you watch, the games you play, the people and places you see around you in your life- all of these can contribute to your art.

Also important, is looking at other artist’s work. There is a lot that an artist can learn in this way; carful observation of technique or consideration of the types of materials another artist uses can get you thinking about your own work.

In this post, I’ve collected some examples of work from a wide ranging group of artists who work in comics, illustration, animation, and video game design. Look carefully at their work and think about the different styles, techniques, and materials these artists used; keep in mind that these artists were also all inspired by the work of other people and that is reflected in their own development as an artist.

Guillaume Singelin

guillaume singelin1 guillaume singelin2 guillaume singelin3 guillaume singelin4 guillaume singelin5 guillaume singelin6

Hanna K Nyström

hanna k1 hanna k2


littledigits1 littledigits2 littledigits3 littledigits4 littledigits5


sunbakerey1 sunbakerey2

Ed Piskor


Fabien Mense

mense1 mense2 mense3 mense4 mense5 mense6 mense7 mense8 mense9

Sam Bosma

sam bosma1 sam bosma2 sam bosma3 sam bosma4 sam bosma5

Rob Davis

rob davis

Atlier Sento

atlier sento1 atlier sento2