Video Game Design: Hardware Templates & Characters

nintendo 3ds xl screen template


We started the Pixel Project back in November and we eventually transitioned to the Video Game Concept Proposal Project shortly before we went off for Winter Break. When we were working on the Pixel Project it involved a great deal of drawing. You all were coming up with some really great stuff.

When we moved on to the Video Game Concept Proposal Project, we shifted gears: we spent a lot of time talking and writing, going over gameplay elements, talking about the great variety of video game types, genre, and theme. However, we spent very little time drawing. That will be changing as we start the Spring semester. We’ll be diving into the design of characters, enemies, objects, and environments very soon; after that, we’ll be creating mock-up screen shots, and we’ll be using the blank Hardware templates from this post to frame our work. These templates can also be found in class- but, for those of you that wish to, you can grab these jpegs and print them from home as well:

samsung android phone nintendo 3ds xl screen template iPhone5-Template-Outline3s video game 16 9 screen template


Characters, Enemies, Objects, Items, Environments:

Also, don’t forget to check out this post for my Cartooning & Animation classes on Character Design- lots of good stuff in there for ideas and inspiration.

sdproject004a sdproject005


disgaea 1 disgaea 2 disgaea 3 disgaea 4 disgaea 5 disgaea 6


ffg-character-concepts2 ffg-character-concepts3 ffg-elva3 ffg-golem ffg-guura2 ffg-guura3 ffg-horun-windmills ffg-jobs