Character Design: Example Set #3

Here we go with yet another set of character artwork created by a varied group of artists. The work ranges from fast and loose sketches to finished colored artwork; take a look at each image and think about the way each artist has their own set of techniques and materials they use to create their own unique look. Some of these characters are original creations by the artists, while some are examples of fan art- drawings of other artist’s characters. One of these artists (Ian JQ) actually supplies the voice for a character (Wallow) from the show he works on.

Make sure not to forget about the other two sets: Set #1 and Set #2

Anna Cattish:

anna cattish1 anna cattish2 anna cattish3 anna cattish4

Ian JQ:

ian jq1 ian jq2 ian jq3 ian jq4 ian jq5 ian jq6

Jake Wyatt:

jake wyatt1 jake wyatt2 jake wyatt3 jake wyatt4 jake wyatt5 jake wyatt6