Quick Links for Fall 2014

Reed Art Title Card Logo 2014_15

Welcome to another school year at Walter Reed. This website is not a very complicated affair; if you’re on a mobile device the menu tab at the top of this page will open up options including information about the art supply list while the student tab will show up on a conventional desktop browser. Or, you could click on the link below:

Art Supply List

Remember: You don’t need anything fancy or expensive to bring to class. All the required art supplies are pretty standard issue fare. If you feel like you’re having trouble getting ahold of some of these items let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help.

Donations Page

Walter Reed families have always been so incredibly generous; if you’d like to donate supplies to the classroom we have a Donations Page that outlines the type of things we need in class right now. For instance, we’ll be using a lot of regular white 8 1/2 x 11 Copy Paper for our animation assignments and we are in desperate need for printer ink.

Hand Lettering Design

Jason Carne 1

Those of you that have taken my classes before know that we usually spend at least some time in the Fall semester on block lettering. General Art students traditionally worked on a name design project early in the school year while alternating years of animation students created short animated films of their name transforming. This year I’d like to dive a bit deeper into hand lettering and make it a large part of what we do with our sketch journal warm-ups.

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Artist Spotlight: Simon Gane


Simon Gane is a French comic book artist and illustrator whose work is defined by, among other things, a great understanding in depicting the world around his characters; there is an abundance of detail in his art that betrays his obvious love for architecture and the natural world. Buildings and plant life do not simply serve as backgrounds in Gane’s work.

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