Bill Watterson Creates Poster For 2015 Angoulême Comics Festival

You might know Bill Watterson as the creator of Calvin and Hobbes. Since he ended the comic strip in 1995, Watterson has kept mostly to himself, granting very few interviews, and generally staying under the radar.

Enter the Angoulême International Comics Festival (Festival international de la bande dessinée d’Angoulême), held in the small French town of Angoulême and presided over by the previous year’s winner of the Grand Prix prize, which was awarded to Watterson in 2014.

Comics Beat, reports:

Earlier this year, the selection of Bill Watterson as the Grand Prix winner at the Angoulême comics festival created quite a stir. The winner is traditionally the “grand marshal” of the whole festival, helping plan exhibits and appearing at official events. (Or, as in the case of Willem, last ear’s winner, hanging out at Le Chat Noir until 1 am with everyone else.) It seemed a bit of a stretch for Watterson, but was it impossible?

Although the once reclusive Calvin & Hobbes creator hasn’t exactly turned into Taylor Swift, he makes occasional semi public appearances and is way more accessible in interviews. (If you call once or twice a year accessible.) When the win was announced, Watterson’s editor Lee Salem said he would try to tell him how wonderful Angoulême is, so maybe Watterson would make an exception for this so not a comic-con event?

However, an interview at the French language 20 Minutes website has not only unveiled Watterson’s poster for the festival but confirmed that the poster will be the full extent of his participation.

Later in the year, when we get to our units on comics and cartooning, we’ll take a closer look at the work of Bill Watterson.