Animation Exercises by Artist Sasha Mutch

Artist Sasha Mutch conducts exercises in Animation based on the article here. These short pieces of animation serve as skill building exercises and allow her to explore a variety of ways to approach a given animation prompt. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: just as an athlete trains and exercises in preparation for a competition, an artists spends time in their sketchbook to prepare for larger projects. It’s all about pencil miles.

Check out these great examples:


A Turning Head


A Character Thinking. This is a classic example of clear staging. Remember at the start of the year when we talked about stage performers and exaggerated, iconic, and expressive acting?



A Sack of Flour. A classic staple of college/art school animation coursework.



The Bouncing Ball Loop. The first step for understanding the principle of squash and stretch.

Heres a link to check out Mutch’s other posts on animation exercises.