Tove Jansson’s Moomins

The Montreal Gazette has an excellent piece up on the success that Drawn & Quarterly has had publishing the work of Finnish artist Tove Jansson:

In case you haven’t yet encountered her best-known creation, the Moomins are a family inhabiting the remote fictional realm of Moominvalley. Physically, they resemble a cross between an upright hippo and a manatee on land; they’re granted the power of speech though we never see their mouths. In the taxonomy of mythological northern European beings, if we’re being precise, they are trolls. It’s a shame the word has been debased as a name for passive-aggressive online bullies, because real trolls are endlessly fascinating multi-faceted creatures representing a connection to a distant animistic pagan past that modern society, for all its frantic efforts, can never quite bury.

The article serves as a great introduction to Jansson and her Moomin creations. Check it out.