Paolo Rivera Gives a Tour of His Studio

Artist Paolo Rivera Gives a Tour of His Studio (PART 1) from The Comic Archive on Vimeo.

I originally posted this video back in 2011. Paolo Rivera gives a tour of his studio, explains how he uses various tools, and shows how he uses his iPad for visual reference. I find it especially fascinating to see the many ways that Rivera has customized his tools and adapted different materials to suit his needs. Cool stuff.

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Working Rough & Loose

We often take great care and consideration with our drawings; we make sure that every line is placed just where we want it, down to the millimeter.

Of course an artist must be prepared to switch gears and work at a rapid pace, especially when it comes to conceptual work. An artist can execute rough sketches rapidly, dumping the ideas from your head onto the paper quickly, before moving onto the next.

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