Short Forms Comics: Week One

Reposted from February 2014:

Check out this collection of short form comics by various artists we learned about last year. Actually, I’ve added some new comics for this year, so this post involves bending space-time to our will. Maybe.


We’ll be starting every day this week with a short comic prompt. This week, we’ll be focusing on comics made up of 2 to 4 panels. Check out the three panel comic above by Australian cartoonist Jake Lawrence: setup in panel one, rising action in panel two, and resolution in panel three.

Here’s another great example from Tom Gauld, using two characters and four panels:



(2015 Update) Lissa Treiman illustrates the pitfalls of cat ownership:


Like a lot of the work in this class, these short form comics will start out as rough sketches on notebook paper. Some artists like working on lined or grid paper when sketching out their ideas. Artist Megan Baehr is using a day planner to plot out her graphic novel, The Lore Keeper:


I’ll add more to this post as we progress through the week.

Wednesday Update: Here’s two examples of Nedroid by Anthony Clark:

2012-12-23-beartato-hiddengift-copy 2013-09-04-beartato-candy

Here’s a great Calvin & Hobbes example by Bill Waterson:

calvin-and-hobbes-comic-logo-branding-consumerismThursday Update: Here’s two examples of Pogo by Walt Kelly:

pogo fish 1 pogo fish 2


Friday Update: 1950s era Peanuts by Charles Schulz: