Paolo Rivera Gives a Tour of His Studio

Artist Paolo Rivera Gives a Tour of His Studio (PART 1) from The Comic Archive on Vimeo.

I originally posted this video back in 2011. Paolo Rivera gives a tour of his studio, explains how he uses various tools, and shows how he uses his iPad for visual reference. I find it especially fascinating to see the many ways that Rivera has customized his tools and adapted different materials to suit his needs. Cool stuff.


Also from the original 2011 post:

In addition, I’ve had questions from some students about resources for drawing in a more ‘realistic’ style. If you’re interested this, I can’t stress the importance of doing observational drawings from life (I actually recommend that for everybody, no matter what type of drawing style you would like to use).

Book Resources:

A classic in the field is the artist Andrew Loomis -there are plenty of comic book artists that can’t sing his praises enough. His books were extremely hard to find for a while, but they’ve recently been getting reprinted:


Jack Hamm’s 1963 book, , is also highly recommended:



Burne Hogarth:



Anthony Ryder:



If you’re really interested in getting right to that classic ‘comic book’ look: