The Making of a Comics Page by Atelier Sentô

Check out this process video featuring the work of Atelier Sentô (Artist’s Cécile Brun & Olivier Pichard) as they produce a chapter from the multi-artist series Spera. The video provides a great overview of this artistic duo’s process as they create a page using pencils, a makeshift light box, watercolor paper, drawing gum (also known as masking fluid), and watercolor paint. In addition to the video, this entire process has been carefully documented in a series of posts on their tumblr.

Unfortunately, the LAUSD firewall loves nothing better than to block tumblr and Youtube, so I’ve collected some of the process pictures along with quotes from the artists on each step for those of you accessing this post on a school computer:


We sketch each page on copy paper using H and HB mechanical pencils.






 Because we travel a lot, we can’t put a real tracer in our bags so we bring this plexiglass plate everywhere. Using it, we copy the draft page on a new paper, solid enough for watercolour work (Canson C à grain, 224g).




For the dark outline, Cécile used a pencil called “Cretacolor – NERO soft 2”. Before using a pencil it’s better to check if it works well with watercolor. Those days, we use mostly a simple 8B graphite pencil for outlines.




The very existence of drawing gum is a mystery for many people. But its use is quite simple. Just cover the parts that must stay white and wait for it to dry.
It’s also important to protect your brush: rub it against a moist soap before you plunge it into drawing gum and wash it with water when you have finished.






The focus on this page was to create a strong opposition between the warmth of the inside of the castle and the cold of the snow outside. So Olivier put a yellow layer on  the inside parts and a blue layer on the outside parts.






The easiest part: we use a gum to remove drawing gum and the finished page is here!
This is the end of this small tutorial explaining the making of a comic page. We hope you liked it. Do not hesitate to ask questions!


 The Final Page, Before Lettering

tumblr_nbmxiiCoIh1rhf0ijo3_1280If you’re reading this post on your own device, make sure to check out the video below and the original posts here.


Check out the official Spera Comic Site.