Film Study: The Cat Returns (2002)

Christopher Runyon at Movie Mezzanine on The Cat Returns:

Part of what impressed Miyazaki and Suzuki in Morita’s storyboards was the characterization of protagonist Haru, who they liked because she had “a believable feel to her”. Haru manages to be very relatable, because unlike Ghibli’s more graceful female protagonists, Haru is actually an affable klutz that gives her an everyday, neighborly feel. Muta and The Baron are fun additions, as they act almost like a buddy-cop/Odd Couple duo, with The Baron’s professionalism and suave demeanor clashing with Muta’s bombastic, easy-to-outrage personality.

Starting Thursday we’ll be taking a look at Studio Ghibli’s 2002 film, The Cat Returns. Check out this essay by Christopher Runyon at for a great take on the film.