Short Form Comics for Sketch Journal

While our main project emphasis will be on long form comics I would like to introduce a new choice for you to pursue during sketch journal: short form comics.

I’ll explain more in class, but for now I’m going to take previous posts on this subject and put them here for now. Check below the fold for great examples of short form comics.

Tom Gauld


Tom Gauld is a cartoonist and illustrator. He draws a weekly cartoon for the Guardian newspaper and has created a number of comic books. He lives and works in London.

tumblr_m7o4f1aacp1rwkrdbo1_500 tumblr_m7o5jk9WyW1rwkrdbo1_500 tumblr_mozyrfAthx1rwkrdbo1_1280 Cartoon special: Tom Gauld


Fran Krause

About Deep Dark Fears:

We all have strange, irrational fears—from seeing ghosts in the bedroom mirror to being sucked into a mall escalator or finding yourself miles below the ocean’s surface on the deck of a sunken ship. In Deep Dark Fears, animator, illustrator, and cartoonist Fran Krause brings these fears to life in 101 vividly illustrated comics inspired by his wildly popular web comic and based on real fears submitted by online readers. Deep Dark Fears reveals a primal part of our humanity and highlighting both our idiosyncrasies and our similarities.