Film Studies: Pinocchio (1940)

An Introduction to Pinocchio from The Cinematheque on Vimeo.

Also: Check out this essay by Genevieve Koski at The Dissolve:

In one respect, Pinocchio was a failure. The 1940 follow-up to Walt Disney’s world-beating Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs—which proved in 1937 that feature-length animated movies were not only possible, but could be profitable as well—Pinocchio cost more than twice as much as its predecessor, and made back only half its production costs in its initial theatrical run. (A 1992 re-release made considerably more, but by that time the film had already been entrenched as a classic in the popular imagination.) But creatively, Pinocchio represents the apex of the Disney Feature Animation brand, a project of wild ambition that consumed Walt Disney and his team for two years, and firmly established feature animation as a legitimate art form on the same level as traditional filmmaking.