Repost: Hanna K. Comics

Last year we took a look at the work of Hanna K Nyström. Read her three page comic, Don’t Eat That, and then take a look at the sketches, thumbnails, and other process related images that she created to prepare for this comic.

Hanna K Nyström, illustratör och serietecknare med grundläggande utbildning i klassisk animation vid Fellingsbro Folkhögskola

Hanna K Nyström is an illustrator and cartoonist with basic training in classical animation at Fellingsbro Folkhögskola (University).

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Don’t Eat That: Three Page Comic

Hanna K. is currently working on a story set in space tentatively titled Newest Frontier. She has a tumblr, Stories from Space, where she is documenting the process with sketches and comics. The three page comic above features two of the main characters from her story scavenging for food on an abandoned space colony.

Below, check out sketches, thumbnails, and other process related images the artist created to prepare for this comic: