Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy your nine day weekend!

When we get back to school we will have three weeks to wrap up the Fall semester animation project before winter break starts. Many of you have already started shooting your animation and I’m sure they’ll be plenty more ready to do the same throughout the month of December. Full steam ahead!


Amid Amidi at Cartoon Brew on StoryBots:

The show was set up “in a way that individual artists can make big contributions,” Spiridellis says. “There isn’t a style that runs through the whole show.” The show has “anchors”—for example, when the Storybots enter the human world, they always appear in cg, while at Storybots headquarters, they have an outline-less 2D look.

But other sequences are open to the interpretation of the artists. “That really enables us to let the team do what they do best,” explains Spiridellis. “Which means, ‘Hey you like painting this way?’ ‘Well, paint that way.’ ‘You like making puppets?’ ‘Go make a puppet.’” Link

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