Isometric Environments: Examples

Let’s take a look at how artists use isometric projection for creating visual development artwork.


Spirited Away Visual Development from Studio Ghibli:


Perhaps you recall the bath house for the Studio Ghibli movie Spirited Away? This huge structure serves as the main setting for the movie and in the drawing above you can see that the artist created an elevation view/cross section.

In the next image we can see isometric projection at work:

For more on Isometric Projection, see this post on my Architecture & Design Class site.

Udo Jung

Here is an interesting piece by the German artist Udo Jung. While isometric projection is often associated with cubes and rectilinear shapes Jung has created a rounded structure that nonetheless conforms to an isometric structure.

tumblr_n946czpeih1rll7l9o1_1280 tumblr_n946czpeih1rll7l9o2_1280

Anissa Espinosa

Anissa Espinosa is comic book artist and a story-board revisionist at Warner Brothers. This is a great example of an interior sketch. It’s actually not in isometric perspective though; Espinosa is using multi-point perspective. If you follow the beam draped in garlic and the line that defines the lower left hand side of the floor they would converge at a distant vanishing point far to the left of the image.