Visual Development: More Examples

We’ve been working on our visual development project since we got back from winter break in January and I thought it might help if I posted some additional examples of vis dev work from a variety of artists.


Don’t forget that you can review earlier posts to take a look at the artwork that we looked at when we started our project:

Katherine Tsai

Katherine Tsai is a college student pursuing a interdisciplinary degree in fine arts. Her plans for the future include working as a visual development artist in film or animation or working as a freelance illustrator. The images below represent visual development work for her portfolio:

Some portfolio stuff that I’ve been working on for a while, continuing an old concept I had about a witch that makes enchanted pastries!

Let’s take inventory of what we see here:

  • Character Artwork
  • The house the witch lives in (exterior)
  • The witch working in her kitchen (interior)
  • The witch in her bakery storefront (interior)
  • Various Props

That’s it for now. I’ll try to add some art by other artists here soon.