Cartoon Figures: Part 1

Simple Cartoon Figure Drawing

Simple is probably the wrong word. Veteran students might recall the times I’ve shown the work of artists and described their work as deceptively simple. When I say that what I’m getting at is that an artist’s work may seem superficially simple but  there is often a great deal of complexity hidden underneath the image. In order to achieve a simple look and do it really well requires a great deal of skill, technique, and thoughtfulness on the part of the artist.

Anyhow, we’ll discuss those aspects of simplicity more in class. For now, let’s move on:

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Rubber Hose Style Characters from Get a Horse

From the Animation Archive (Broken Link):

To create new model sheets for each of the characters in “Get A Horse!,” Disney Animation hand-drawn artist Eric Goldberg studied early Mickey films.

The Animation Archive website is a treasure trove of animation related artwork: Check it out (Broken Link).

Model Sheets by Eric Larson:

Also see: This post on the a video game under development that nails the look of early to mid 1930s animation style.

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