2017-2018 School Year Guide

Welcome back to another school year!

I hope you had a great summer. I spent my summer vacation doing seven (!) weeks of jury duty. :(

My classes this year have been assigned an interesting title on your program cards and on Schoology: CAREER AWARE A: TERM AF.

The actual course titles and periods are right here:

  • Period 1: Cartooning & Animation
  • Period 3: Architecture & Design
  • Period 4: Cartooning & Animation
  • Period 5: Cartooning & Animation
  • Period 6: Cartooning & Animation

I’ll be posting more first week materials and information on this post so check back later.

Have a great summer!

I’d like to thank my students for making 20162017 a great school year. Those of you moving on to High School know that you will be missed at Walter Reed. I hope you all enjoy your vacation and I look forward to seeing returning students in August. Have fun.

Image: My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

Have A Warm & Cozy Winter Break

I would like to thank my students for a great fall semester. Hopefully everyone finds plenty of time for rest and relaxation over winter break. Those of you that still need to finish or shoot your animation will find plenty of opportunities to do that during sketch journal time in January and February. Until then: drink cocoa, curl up with a good book/video game, and enjoy your well deserved break.

Image Credit: Pixel Fireplace Application by Hex-Ray Studios 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy your nine day weekend!

When we get back to school we will have three weeks to wrap up the Fall semester animation project before winter break starts. Many of you have already started shooting your animation and I’m sure they’ll be plenty more ready to do the same throughout the month of December. Full steam ahead!

Site Update: Projects & Resources

I’ve added a Projects & Resources collection to this website (see link in navigation menu). The P&R index will house several different types of content: Student Projects, Technology Demonstration Projects, Research Resources, Reference Resources, and Instructional Videos. As we begin to work on the Comics & Cartooning Unit in January, many of these reference and research resources will become especially helpful. Check it out.

(I couldn’t think of what sort of image to attach to this post, so here’s a picture of one of our four traditional animation image capture setups)



I’d like to thank my students for making 2013/2014 a great school year. I hope you all enjoy your vacation and I look forward to seeing returning students in August. Have fun.

image credit: morwell