Apps for Animation Image Capture 2018

Image Above: Camera Operator Bill Cottrell shoots a Mickey Mouse cartoon in 1930 at the Hyperion Avenue studio. Image Credit: Hans Perk, A Film L.A.

Over the last several years my students have used a number of different Image Capture apps for shooting their animation. Lately, most everyone has been using an app called Stop Motion Studio that has the very nice virtue of being available on all of the major platforms: iOS, Android, Mac OS, and Windows.

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Explosions, Fire, and Environmental FX

Around this time of year, after we’ve started the animation project, I often begin to get questions from students about explosions, fire, and other environmental effects. I will continue to update this post with interesting examples I come across that could be used as reference or inspiration for animation (in the fall) and comics/illustration (in the spring). Note: You might also want to check out a similar post on water effects.

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