Film Studies: Spirited Away (2001)

Christopher Runyon at Movie Mezzanine on Spirited Away:

The film is–what else?–a coming-of-age story centered on a young girl named Chihiro, who’s really bummed out about moving to a new city where she won’t be able to be with her old friends. Her mother and father, who mean well but still shrug off her depression, are ready to move into their new home when a wrong turn on the road leads them to a mysterious, abandoned theme park. Or so they think. It turns out that the family has stumbled upon a passage to the spirit world, with Chihiro’s parents transformed into livestock after unknowingly consuming the food of the spirits without permission. Frightened and utterly alone, the only way for Chihiro to survive in this strange new world is to toil and work herself raw in a bathhouse run by a wicked sorceress.

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Spring 2017 Semester Overview: Part 1

As we recover from our Winter break  it would seem to be a good time to provide an overview of what we have planned in Cartooning & Animation for the Spring semester. Keep in mind, those of you that still need to finish or shoot  your animation project will have plenty of time in January and February to work on that during sketch journal time.

However,  the bulk of class project time will now be given over to new work. Check below the fold for more on that.

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