Animation History

A list of resources related to Animation History.

If you’re interested in the history of animation then this is the spot for you. What follows is an occasionally updated list of links to various corners of the internet dedicated to documenting notable events and people involved in the history of this most fascinating art form. Now, get to reading:

General Animation History

Artist Blogs


  • The Illusion of Life by Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas

Longform Essays

  • Robert Armstrong Recalls Life at Lantz Studio: 1944-45: Michael Barrier: What follows is, I think, a remarkably vivid picture of what it was like to work at one of the Golden Age cartoon studios.
  • Mouse in Transition Essays by Steve Hulett at Cartoon Brew: Hulett worked as a writer at Disney in the late 1970s/early 1980s and provides a fascinating portrayal of the Animation Studio during this often overlooked time period. Index of Chapters Here.
  • The Bray Animation Project: A Brief History of a very important studio in the earliest days of animation

Animation History from Mr.Rogers