Drawing Cars in Comics


Here’s something new for us: drawing cars. Why not? I’ve collected several images, most of which either come from European or Japanese artists. The image above is by Herge.


The image above is by Akira Toriyama, of Dragon Ball fame. Toriyama loves racing cars and motorcycles in real life, and he always finds ways to integrate all manner of vehicles in his comics. The “Capsule” truck above looks just like a classic late ’70s/early ’80s Toyota pick-up truck.

I’m not sure about who made the image below, but it is obviously a lovingly rendered depiction of a late ’70s Toyota Celica:

tumblr_mvn0ygwuYb1r32iimo1_1280 1970_Toyota_Celica_01



More Akira Toriyama:


Ted Benoit:

page titre

Franco-Belgian Comic Character Spirou in a classic ’60s Honda roadster toy:

spirou in a honda


Secotine et sa Simca Oceane

Artist Pascal Dizen set out to create a classic “Akira Toriyama Cute Car”:

pascal dizen

Mauro Caldi:

mauro caldi

In France and Belgium, comic book artists are so popular, people are even interested in what type of cars they drive:

collection2 collection1

Joost Swarte:

joost swarte




Distorted Elevation View

The artist Franquin is using the same technique we’ll be starting with for drawing cars: notice that all four wheels are essentially on the same ground line:


More Akira Toriyama:

dragonball-art3 eea9eafd6b4ff238793ebc7ce1264695 dragonball_car1tumblr_mrlkd09gqo1sdo8t3o1_500

Artist Dana Terrace uses the same technique mentioned above: all the wheels essentially lay on a single ground line:

dana terrace car

Isometric projection saves the day in this fleet of green cars drawn by Achille Talon:

Achille Talon

Let’s wrap things up with one more from Akira Toriyama:


Update: Here’s the video demonstration I showed in class:

Cartoon Car #1 from reedanimation on Vimeo.

November 2014 Update: Here’s a great set of cars drawn in what we call distorted elevation by Disney Production Designer Mike Yamada for Big Hero 6:


September 2015 Update: Here’s some nice profile illustrations of trucks from ford. Notice how the artist is able to get a nice metallic shine by contrasting white + dark color + light color on the paint job.

77 ford 53 ford 56 ford 57 ford